Selected Publications

By law we are prevented from posting the pdf files of recent publications on our website.
Please contact us directly if you are interested in a reprint. Thank you.

Ninov N*, Hesselson D, Gut P, Zhou A, Fidelin K, and Stainier DYR. (2013)
Metabolic regulation of cellular plasticity in the pancreas.
Curr Biol. 2013 Jun 19. [Epub ahead of print] (*Co-corresponding author) (PubMed)

Ninov N*, Borius M, and Stainier DYR. (2012)
Different levels of Notch signaling regulate quiescence, renewal and differentiation in pancreatic endocrine progenitors.
Development 139:1557-67. (*Co-corresponding author) (PubMed)

Delous M, Yin Ch, Shin D, Ninov N, Debrito Carten J, Pan L, P Ma T, Farber S, Moens C, and Stainier DYR. (2012)
Sox9b is a key regulator of pancreaticobiliary ductal system development.
PloS Genetics 8(6):e1002754 (PubMed)

Ninov N, Menezes-Cabral S, Prat-Rojo C, Manjón C, Weiss A, Pyrowolakis G, Affolter M, and Martín-Blanco E. (2010)
Dpp signaling directs cell motility and invasiveness during epithelial morphogenesis.
Current Biology 20(6):513-20. (PubMed)

Ninov N, Manjón C, and Martín-Blanco E. (2009)
Dynamic control of cell cycle and growth coupling by ecdysone, EGFR, and PI3K signaling in Drosophila histoblasts.
PLoS Biology 7(4):e1000079. (PubMed)

Ninov N, Chiarelli DA, and Martín-Blanco E. (2007)
Extrinsic and intrinsic mechanisms directing epithelial cell sheet replacement during Drosophila metamorphosis.
Development 134:367-379. (PubMed)

Ninov N, and Martín-Blanco E. (2007)
Live imaging of epidermal morphogenesis during the development of the adult abdominal epidermis of Drosophila.
Nature Protocols 2(12):3074-80. (PubMed)