Prof. Dr. Peter Schwarz

Prof. Dr. Peter Schwarz
Education and Career
since 12/2008
Professor of Internal Medicine, Head of the Department of Prevention and Care of Diabetes at the Technical University Dresden
since 07/2008
Habilitation in Internal Medicine
07/2008 - 11/2008
Research Director of Public Health Research, University of Helsinki
12/2007 - 06/2008
Specialist in Internal Medicine at the Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, Technical University Dresden
06/1999 - 09/2000
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Chicago, USA
01/1999 - 11/2007 Department of Endocrinopathies and Metabolic Diseases, Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, Technical University Dresden
United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)
09/1991 - 11/1998
Medical Training, Technical University Dresden, Germany; Oshakati State Hospital, Namibia; Kalafong Hospital, University of Pretoria, South Africa; University of Illinois, Chicago, USA; TUMAINI University, Tanzania

Research and other commitments
11/2012 President of the National Diabetes Annual Meeting
since 01/2011 Elected member of the WHO Health City Council in Dresden
08/2010 Member of the IDF Working Group to prepare the United Nations Declaration on Diabetes and NCD and a Global Diabetes Plan
since 06/2010 Member of the expert group to develop a European Diabetes Plan
04/2010 President of the 6th World Congress on the prevention of diabetes
since 03/2009 PI of the FUSION Consortium at the National Institutes of Health, USA, to identify genome-wide genetic markers for diabetes mellitus
since 06/2008 Board member of the IDF "Diabetes Prevention Forum"
03/2008 - 02/2010 Member of the Expert Advisory committee of the DIAMAP project to establish a European Roadmap for Diabetes Research
05/2007 - 04/2010 Principal Investigator of the European Diabetes Prevention Group "IMAGE" to develop prevention guidelines and training curricula for prevention managers
01/2006 Member of the Diabetes Policy Working Group Europe
01/2005 Scientific Secretary of the European DE-PLAN project group
06/2004 Member of the IDF Europe working group "GlucoForum"
06/2003 Chairman of the German workgroup of diabetes prevention
01/2003 Founder of the TUMAINI Institute for prevention management
since 1998 Scientific work at the Technical University Dresden, Major research field: Identification of genetic factors for type 2 diabetes and development and implementation of structures and programs to prevent type 2 diabetes
Dissertation Predicitve analysis of mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2

05/2012 Lesmüller lecture HDD at the German Pharmacist Association
11/2010 MEDICA Award for the evaluation and development of diabetes risk assessment strategies in primary clinical practice
10/2010 Congress Award for the best International Congress in Dresden WCPD
02/2010 MD Honors Award of the AAIM for the Virtual Prevention Network
10/2006 Sur-Place-Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
10/2003 Rolf-Emmrich-Award of the Saxonian Association of Internal Medicine